Iron Dog fabricates and installs custom certified structural steel and ornamental iron for commercial and residential buildings.

Structural Steel

Structural steel is construction material used for framing buildings. A profile formed with a specific shape or cross section and certain standard shapes, sizes, and compositions. It is used for strength and it is regulated.

Structural Steel Jobs

  • Progeny Winery
  • Odette Estate Winery
  • Nine Suns Winery
  • Auto Camp (Russian River)
  • Richards Grove & Saralee’s Vineyard
  • Davies Vineyards
  • Three Sticks Winery
  • Splash Express
  • Solage Resort
  • Frogs Leap Winery
  • Quintessa Estate Winery
  • Skyhawk Village
  • Geyserville Fire
  • Ram’s Gate Winery
  • Deerfield Winery

Ornamental Iron and Steel

Ornamental iron or steel is a mild steel that has been formed into decorative shapes and sizes similar to the wrought iron as in handrails, guardrails, gates, fences, canopies, and trellises. The type of customer we work with varies.

Ornamental, Iron & AESS/Steel Jobs

  • Copain Wines Estate
  • La Crema Winery
  • Kenzo Restaurant
  • Morimoto Restaurant
  • Atlas Social
  • Honig Vineyard & Winery
  • Fife Creek
  • Nickel Winery
  • H2 Hotel
  • H3 Hotel